What is Full Form of Data?

From ancient time a human is writing his own history of evolution. Infect, history is the only key to our past ancestral activities. History’s amazing advantages give a lot of scope for increasing our knowledge. History is the most important subject in our studies because its value is cant underestimated. Well! Do you ever think about that how it is possible that we are able to avail it after thousands of year? Astonishing right! So, it is possible because our ancestors were very brilliant and they kept their activity in the form of manuscripts. Manuscripts were the oldest data available to mankind. When we are talking about data we have an image of text, audio, video files in our brain. So, today we are going to analyse this image which is coming to your mind and know DATA Full Form.

Description of Data:

DATA Full Form is known as Distributed Access Teaching Assistant, well it has not a specific full form but it is the most widely used form. Basically data is a particular quantity of a subject/topic related to a specific qualitative overview. It is a piece of information used in the computing world like in the form of basic element of software for proper operation. Apart from this it is widely used in the field of scientific research. In this field it is used as a collection of information generally collected by human and institutes to generalise a theory. Many times data act as a proof for considering a newly proposed scientific theory. Data is easily understandable by visualising it through graphs and analysing tools. Data word is originated from a Latin word called ‘Datum’. In today’s time data plays an important role in the field of surveys, census and various experiments.

Now, let’s have a look on other DATA Full Form.
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4) Do as time allows.
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