What is W3C and Full Form of W3C?

Introduction to W3C:

Team work is always better then an individual’s work. History shows us the great achievements were only done by a proper team work. We watched sports where we saw sports teams compete with each other. Infect it is a best example of how a successful team works. We may break a single stick easily with our hands but we cannot break a bundle of sticks with our hand. A group of individuals even a group of organization strengthens each of their power by join a team. In a team each member has their own importance and we can exclude their integrity in a team. We also learn the very important lesson know as the power of unity from a successful team. Our today’s topic is also quite related with the group or a team topic which is also very famous in the world. So, without any further delay let’s know about the W3C Full Form.

About W3C:

W3C Full Form is described as World Wide Web. It is also best known by its alternate abbreviation WWW. Almost every website present in the internet is introduced by this prefix. It was founded by Tim Berner’s Lee and it is consortium make up from many supporting companies and organization also known’s as the members. At present there are 476 members in this consortium who are working for the development of the W3C. It was founded in 1994 and now it is designated as the vastest group who is currently working on the internet. MIT is its birth place and ARPANET is its ancestor. As of now it has 4 head quarters located in countries like U.S.A, France, Japan and China. W3C also have a forum which is dedicated to education and research in web sector. So, it’s all about the W3C Full Form which you would know about.

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