What is the Full Form of SSC?

There are 3 basic needs for a human to survive on the earth but there are so many things matters in this time. Among them, one must need a necessary thing is an employment. A person can’t survive without a source of income because in this world nothing is free, everything has a cost. Employment is the only way to fulfill the necessity and support our livelihood. In this 21st-century competition, a level is so high that’s its visible in every sector like education, employment, sports etc. Every country has their own government and government have a lot of authorities/ offices to run for the public interest. There for a lot of employees/staff are required. Without an adequate amount of staff, the government can’t run the country and the most important thing is that the employees are well educated and eligible to handle the offices. Therefore to fulfill the purpose of recruiting proper eligible staff government formed a separate commission to select the staff. So, today we are going to discuss SSC Full Form its various types (Acronomical form).

Description of SSC:

SSC Full Form is Staff Selection Commission and it’s very popular among youth. It is a government authority to recruit staff for the various ministries for the government of India. It also recruits staff for the various offices of a government of India. It is associated with the department of personnel and training. It is making up of by one chairman and two members as secretary cum controller of an exam. In the year of 1967 parliament of India decided to make a commission for the purpose of recruiting government employees. November 4, 1975 government of India made a special selection commission for the recruiting purpose and it is known as subordinate service commission which also the 1st staff selection authority of its kind. September 26, 1977 subordinate service commission changed into today’s staff selection commission. Now it is the one and only authority to conduct combined graduate level examination once in a year to recruit staff for the government of India.


Above we discuss the most popular SSC Full Form, now it’s time to take a look at the other full form.

1) Standard systems center.

2) Secondary school certificate.

3) Synchrotron self Compton.

4) Secure support component.

5) Subsystem congestion.

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