What is SIT Full Form?

SIT full form is Special Investigation Team. It’s a special agency for the investigation of specific cases. The same named organization is working in India and Japan.

SIT of India :

It is a specialized team of intelligent, professional and well-trained crime investigators team. It is a part of law enforcement agencies who can investigate high profile and serious cases. If the current investigation team is unable to find the criminal or is not working properly the case is given to SIT full form Special Investigation Team by Supreme Court or state government as the law allows only Supreme Court to be able to handover case to the SIT. The sole purpose of SIT is to provide justice to the culprit as well as a victim.

SIT Full Form

Types of cases handled by SIT:

There is no law in the constitution to indicate the kind of case that could be handed over to SIT full form is Special Investigation Team. It is generally the prominent case which is appointed to this office. Gujarat revolt case and 1984 enemy of Sikh uproar case are some of such cases explored by the SIT.

How SIT works:

SIT can be named by the Supreme Court or the state government. The group is going by one individual. It examines the case and makes an answer to introduce in the court. The report experiences examination at all phases of a claim. The court has the direct right to acknowledge or dismiss the report. In case the court rejects the report, the re-appraising court is the main choice left to choose the destiny of the case.

SIT of Japan:

They are the specialized detective units of Prefectural Police Headquarters (PPHs) of Japan.


In the 1960s, the expansion of genuine criminal cases, for example, grabbing, flying machine capturing, robbery and shelling turned into a major issue in Japan.¬†Toward the starting, the name “SIT” originated from an abbreviation of its romanized Japanese unit name, Special team of the First Investigation Division. But later, as its extension to an area, Sousa Ikka Tokushuhan-Sousa-Kakari, the root of its name as an abbreviation of its English name, SIT full form Special Investigation Team, was included a short time later.

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