What is SBTET and SBTET Full Form?

SBTET Full Form is State board of Technical Education and Training. Our country has 29 states in its territory. Some of the states are very old and some are younger. Our country’s major economical part is depending on the agriculture. Agriculture is our traditional and ancient way to earn our livelihood. Around more than half of our country’s population is either directly or indirectly dependent in the agriculture. But now it’s the time to take a new step towards the technology. Infect we know the importance of the technology in the public sector. We can increase our productivity in every field by using the technology. So here our youngest state start a positive attitude towards the technology for its people and it’s a very welcoming step. Not only this step develops many technical ideas in the people but also it creates an interest in the people. Hence, join with us in the flow of exciting knowledge about SBTET Full Form by reading this article.


SBTET or best known by its other name SBTET-TS is a educational authority created by the state of Telengana , India. Basically its main function is to spread awareness about the technology and its benefit’s. Apart from this authority is also responsible to take quality action for the enhancement of the technical education the state of Telengana. It also maintain the policies used in the technical education and conduct proper examination. This authority also prepares the syllabus for the technical institution for their academic years. Beside this SBTET is also established and develop co-operative bond between the industry and commerce. It’s give diploma certificate to its qualified student who successfully pass the examination. It has also a right to advice the government on the development of the Technical education for the benefit of the state.

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