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Now day’s people’s lifestyle is so hectic and full of tiredness. In this busy schedule lack of entertainment is easily visible. So, to relax and release from the stress of daily life we often go to a place that we love and do exciting things or simply play a game. In this digital world games are the most suitable source of entertainment. Generally, games are divided into two categories as indoor (chess, table tennis) and outdoor games (Cricket, hockey) game but in this modern age, digital video games are rapidly taken the place over the traditional indoors and outdoors games. These games were come into existence during the 1990s and take the crown of the Gaming world during the 2010s. Its vast genre of gaming is attracting the young generation towards them. So, its impact shows both good and bad result. On the good side, it can help in the development of the creativity of a person. So today we are going to discuss one and only famous PUBG Full Form. So get ready for this thrilled article.

Description of PUBG:

Generally, PUBG Full Form is known as player unknowns battleground. It is a 2017 online multiplayer battle royale video game developed by Pubg Corporation. It is inspired by the 2000s Japanese battle royale game. So, basically it is a standalone game and in this game, there are one hundred players parachuted on an island. Then all players search for weapon, equipment and kill other players (enemy). Besides this, an available safe area is there in this game which gradually squeezes down. At last, when the safe area is very tight and small players come under intense firefight and the last stand person/team is the winner of the game. This game was first released in Dec 2017 for the windows. In the year of 2018 Microsoft release the x box version of this game. Later in the same, its mobile version was released both in android and ios platform. After that ps4 version was also released in 2018. It is one of the best selling game of all time. Over 50 million copy of this game was sold in 2018. Besides this, it is the most played game and game of the year 2018. Its unique features and new gaming interface make this game very addictive. It is designed by the Brendan green.
So; it’s the most popular PUBG Full Form of the world and I can’t believe that a single person left unknown about this famous game.

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