Without ink, a pen is not able to write just like this without a software a computer is nonfunctional. There are thousands of software which is required for a computer to run functionally without any interception. It’s like the soul of the computer without software computer is lifeless. Among this, there is some much basic software which are pre-installed in our computer. The most basic and most needed software is the window. A computer can’t start without its availability. Windows is an operating system of computer just like android which is made for our smartphones. So, the window is developed and marketed by Microsoft. Today we are going to discuss related to a topic about basic software known as M.S power point of M.S office. Hence, be ready to learn about PPT Full Form and its various acronomical Full Form.

Description of PPT:

Generally, PPT Full Form is known as power point presentation and it is an electronically digital presentation that can be made in a computer. We can make this type of presentation by the help of software called Microsoft power point available at M.S office. So, literally, PowerPoint is software designed for the preparation of the presentation. At its early stages it was only available for mackintosh but in the year of 1987 Microsoft bought it from Apple. After that Microsoft highly developed its interface and makes it reliable to prepare simple presentation to high graphics complex presentation. In the year of 1990 it was practically launched for the windows based computer and in the mid of 1990s, it gains its popularity among the people whole overworld. Microsoft at first developed this software for a business organization but now it is used beyond the business. M.S power points now share 95% of presentation business in the world. So, we can calculate how it is famous in the world of software.

1) Parts per thousand.
2) Parts per trillion.
3) Pulse pair timing.
4) Positive partial transpose.
5) Pacific prevailing time.

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