What is POST and POST Full Form?


Like the soul in the body, every machine needs a soft ware to run. Well, they are just like the ink in a pen. Without any software a machine can’t be able to run or we can say we are not able to operate it. When we talking about these software, then how can we forget about the importance of a BIOS. These are main and basic software on which our computers are able to run. So, these are a group of software which keeps ensuring that the computer is in its proper condition and it is able to work properly.

These are just like the guards which work is to give support and monitoring the function of the each software. If we talk about history of these software then its root were connected to 1980s when computer were in its developing period. So, today we are going to discuss about the POST Full Form which is co-relates the software topic.

About POST:

POST Full Form is described as Power on Self Test. So basically it is software used in the computer or other bootable devices to run the operating system in the starting phase. It is basically come in to action when the power button of a computer is pressed and helps the other BIOS software to start the function of the operating system. It is a routine protocol to be followed by each and every computer for its smooth run.

It is a diagnostic and supervisory program which detects any fault in the hardware and ensures that all the application and parts are present. Also their function is to regularly monitoring the presence of every component of any electronic device. Its main function is started before BIOS and help BIOS to boot the computer or any electronic device.

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