What is MR and MR Full Form?

MR Full Form is Medical Record. Starting from ancient manuscripts to saving the data of an important high-tech scientific research, human get very used to in the process of data recording and collecting. Infect it is very necessary for us to keep data record because who knows which data is required in upcoming future. It is very compulsory in every sector of our society to keep the data of a particular project or a person in a very safe space. Apart from this data is also maintained in a proper way that everyone get easily access their respective information at any time. In the field of the Medicine it is very important to keep the patient data and medical record in a systematic way because it is related to a person’s life. Our today’s topic knows deeply about MR Full Form. So let’s get started.


Often Medical Record is described as the documentation of a single patient medical hierarchy and care. It is mainly based on his medication history. In this record physician mentioned or highlighted the important element of a patient over period of a time for their future health. This record’s carries information about their past medication, therapies, X-ray reports, allergens and many other things. Proper maintenance of a patient medical record is sole and compulsory responsibility of health provider under the medical laws and rules. In old days medical records are kept in a file inside a specific room but now a day’s these are generally recorded in a digital form in cloud or any other digital formats. Here one interesting thing is that Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act suggests all health providers to keep a hard paper copy of their each patient as their Medical Record.

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