Full Form of MP3 and its Details

Introduction of MP3:

Every body’s life is now a day’s very hectic due to their busy time table. We cannot just eliminate the important things from our schedule to make the schedule simpler. Sometimes, work load and extra pressure of responsibilities very deeply affect our health in a bad way. Infect our peace of mind is always compromised by our work. That’s the reason why our soul is very unstable in today’s time. To stabilize our stable we have to give our soul to rest or leave them some time for enjoyment. There are plenty of ways to relax. We can go for a picnic, a cinema or even on a dinner to give a chill pill to our body and soul. Well, there is also a way through which we can able to relax without going outside or doing any extra effort. This way is the music. It’s the best way to soothing the mind. Its crystal clear beats can make every body’s heart jump with the joy. Well! Do you ever think about MP3 and its history (as it is the pioneer of today’s music industry) Yes! You are guessing right today we are going to discuss about MP3 Full Form and its various types.

Description of MP3:

MP3 Full Form is Moving Pictures Experts Group Audio Layer-3 and it is best known among the people of 90s. Basically it is a coding audio format of today’s digital audio streaming program. Its history had a link dated back to 1894. Alfred H.Mayer was the first scientist to laying a foundation stone in this audio technology. In its early stage it was used in the telecommunication industry. In the year of 1988 Hans Hussmann first standardized and coined the term ‘MP3’. At that time this technology is based on the MPEG-1 and later after the development upgraded versions like MPEG-2 and MPEG-2.5 MP3 saw a great up gradation in its division. From 1994 MP3 is going public and spread magic on the millions of hearts.

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