What is the Full Form of Keyboard?

Everybody use computers in these days. When we talking about computer, we definitely have an image of desktop or laptop but here we inform you that smart phones are also a type of computer. Well, computers are the most sophisticated electronic machine in these days. They are made up of many small and medium sized hardware and software’s. Many computers are used in variety of field in these times. Computers are needed to be more powerful as the demand of the consumers is also gradually going high. Here, we have to remember that apart from the software, hardware’s are the important thing that makes a computer more powerful. Hardware’s are the limbs of the computer. We can’t able to operate it without any hardware. It makes the body of entire desktop or laptop for consumer usage. Today we are going to discuss about one of the computer hardware. So, be ready to known the KEYBOARD Full Form.

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KEYBOARD Full Form is Keys ‘Electronic Yet Board Operating a to z Response Directly’. Well, officially keyboard has no specific full form but mentioned full form is the most popular one among the computer users. Generally keyboard is a set of electronic or mechanical buttons arranged in a board for doing input work in the computer. It is a type-writer style device used for typing purposes in the e-devices. Type writer is the pioneer of today’s keyboard but its history is also related with tele-printer and keypunch cards. In 1870s tele-printers were used both for the typing and transit stock market data. Here, tele-printers had a type of keyboard that represents the earlier prototype of today’s keyboard. Now, keyboard is the most basic and old device used in the computer.

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