What is ISP Full Form and how it works?

Every time you use the Internet on your device, it is routed through ISP. So, what can be the full form of ISP? Any guesses!

It is going to be very easy. The ISP full form is ‘Internet Service Provider’. Sometimes, ISP may be referred to as IAP (Internet Access Provider) or ISP (Independent Service Provider). Independent Service Provider is used to differentiating it as a separate company from the telephone company.

Along with providing internet services, ISP also provides website building and virtual hosting services to individuals and other companies. Thus, ISP full form is not merely limited to internet service providence.

How ISP works?

An ISP has the equipment with telecommunication line access. It is needed to have a point of presence on the Internet for the geographic area served. Most of the large communications companies have their own POP (Point of Presence) in each region of the country. Through POPs, local users can connect to the company’s network often through a local phone number or a dedicated line.

In an ISP full form, there contains a NAP (Network Access Point). NAPs are amazing to understand. Suppose there are 2 ISP companies, having their separate users. Now, the users of these two companies can intercommunicate only through Network Access Points. In this way, the internet is a huge collection of corporate networks where all agree to intercommunicate at NAPs.

Use of ISP:

Internet connection can be accessed through DNS, cable or dial-up. We all use some sort of device to have access to the internet. When you connect to that device, it communicates with ISP. After verification of account, ISP assigns an IP address.

The IP address you want to access is then from your router to your ISP. In that way, the information that we want appears before our eyes. This all done in seconds which is incredible!

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