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Full Form of Internet Related:

Internet which has added to this world today. Do you know what is the full form of internet? if you don’t, then this article is going to be helpful for you to understand various full form related to internet – Internet full form is the “international network”. Internet is a global structure of computer networks connected to each other. Crores of people and private academic, industries and government networks extend to the whole world.

If we talk about the network of internet In the world, almost all the networks are connected to the Internet, there is a system of international information based on the Internet computer, which is called Information Rajpath, also known as “Information SuperHighway”. Present time, we have to take service of Internet through Service Provider for connecting any computer to the Internet. Only then can we use the internet. Let’s know some important acronyms related to the Internet-

S.NO.Short FormFull Form
1.HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
2.HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Over Secure Sockets Layer
4.WWWWorld Wide Web
5.LANLocal Area Network
6.WANWide Area Network
7.MANMetropolitan Area Network
8.SANStorage Area Network
9.EPNEnterprise Private Network,
10.PANPrivate Area Network
11.VPNVirtual Private Network

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