What is the Full Form of INDIA?

There are total of 195 countries in the world and among then India is a country known by its uniqueness. Its geography is so beautiful that in ancient time it was described as a golden bird. Its rich culture and glorious history attract many foreign rulers to invade our country. Its nature is so mesmerizing that’s why it is also referred to the heaven of the world. Its art, architecture and handlooms are famous across the globe. Its potential to grow rapidly is so surprising and infect it surprised the whole world. Hence, it’s the right time to know INDIA Full Form and take knowledge about our great country.

Description of INDIA:

Basically, India is a country that’s why it has not a particular fix full form but we can able to discover it. So, after heavy research, we found the INDIA Full Form and it is known as an independent national democratic intelligent area. It is best known by its name Republic of India. It is the largest democratic country in the world and by area, it is the 7th one in the world. Besides this, it is 2nd most populous country in the world which located in the south-eastern part of Asia. It shares its border with countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, China, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It is the place where early human civilization was developed. That’s why it role in world history is remarkable. How due its first economic growth and its modernization at par level it is considered as a newly industrialized country. It is the main aspirant for upcoming future superpower. Therefore this is also called as ‘Incredible India’.

Beside the above INDIA Full Form, let’s take a look about other full forms.
1) Inlet dynamic initiative.
2) Intercept diagrams.
3) Interaction noble work development and investigation association.

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