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A coin has two sides, head and tail. Just like this science have also two sides, a dark and a bright side. The bright side is known as a technology and the dark side is known as weapons. Let’s forget about the darker side and talk about the brighter side. Technology is a wing which gives capabilities of flying to a nation in this era of modernization. Now, the whole world is divided into a developed, developing and underdeveloped country by the basis of technology. Technology is the key factor of a developed country. Without technology development is not possible that’s why developed countries have very advanced technology as compare to developing nation. All the urbanization we see in our country, like infrastructure to the power sector is due to the technology. Technology is the backbone of the development in a nation. Therefore, India need brilliant technical minds to develop the technology in the country and for this purpose IIT are responsible. So today we discuss about IIT Full Form and its various full forms.


IIT Full Form stands for Indian Institute of technology and it’s India’s top leading institution in the field of technical studies. These institutes are very popular in the youngsters and students. These are autonomous institutes who give higher education in technology. In the year of 1951 first Indian Institute of technology was built in the Hijli detention camp of Kharagpur. This institute’s history linked to 1946, when Viceroy of India made a decision to develop the technology of post-ww2 India. So, sir Jogendra Singh a staff of viceroy council for this purpose(technical development) made a committee of 22 members led by Nalini Ranjan Sarkar. This committee held responsible to build the first 5 Indian institutes of technology. First was built in Kharagpur as mentioned earlier and other institutes were built in the later year in Bombay, Madras, Kanpur and Delhi respectively. Now there are 23 Indian institute of technology on India. All these institutes gives courses in U.G as B.tech, P.G M.tech and P.H.D as Doctoral program.

Other Full Form of IIT:
We, discuss the most popular IIT Full Form, hence it’s the time to take a glance over other full forms of this acronym.
1) Intra industry trade.
2) Information integration theory.
3) International invests trust.
4) Integrated installation team.
5) Intensive insulin therapy.

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