What is GTS and GTS Full Form?

GTS Full Form is Ground Tissue System. Like human plants is also a biological organism. They are making up from living cells or you may say from tissue system. Like our body they have also body with much different kind of cells for different function. Tissues are the basic unit of the organs. They do secret materials, store water and nutrients, give mechanical strength and many other things. Plants have basically three types of tissue system in their body. Some are permanent and some are temporary. Some tissue developed in their early stages of life and some are developed after the maturation. The tissue which is developed in the early stages is called the meristematic tissue. Apart from this the tissue which is developed in the later stages of plant life is called as secondary tissue. Today we are going to discuss about GTS Full Form, which is also a part of simple tissue system of plants.


Ground tissue generally includes that tissue which is neither a vascular or epidermal tissue. This are divided in three types as parenchyma, collenchymas and sclerenchyma. These tissues are the constituent of the primary wall of the plant cell. Apart from these are also responsible for the mechanical strength of a plant body. This tissue shapes are varies from simple square structure to polygonal. Sometimes this tissue is lignified and operates as the major part of the tensile strength in the plant’s stem part. Generally parenchyma is a living tissue where other two are hard and stony. The outer layer of the sclerenchyma and collenchymas is making up from cellulose and suberin. This is the hardest tissue in the GTS and work as the water resisting element in the plant cell wall.

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