What is PCI and Full Form of PCI?

Introduction of PCI:

The major development in medical sciences was occurred during the 20th century. Before this development period the average human life span was limited to only 40 to 44 years max. After the development period now the average human life span is 70 to 80 years. Life span of human being is increased in a great way during this period. Medical science not only increases our wellness but also increase our living standard too. Starting from high-tech medical machinery to ultra successful medicine all plays equal importance role in saving a human life. Now we are able to fight with many severe chronic diseases. Today we are able to diagnose any possible disease with our medication. In medical science medication generally falls in to category of pharmacy. So, today we are discussing about an acronym which relate to pharmacy. Hence, be ready to know PCI Full Form and its various types.

Description of PCI:

PCI Full Form is ‘Pharmacy Council of India’. It is an organisation of govt. of India and best known among the people by its acronym. Basically it is a govt. Controlling authority established during the pharmacy act, 1948. It was come in to action from March, 4, 1948. Its working period is 5 years and every 5 years its member is changed. Its head quarter is located in Delhi and PCI gave report to ministry of health science and family welfare. Just like the manner of Indian parliament, PCI has 3 different types of members. Its main function is to control the educational system of pharmacy and gave certification to the pharmacist. Beside this it regulate the pharmaceutical profession opportunity and practices thorough whole over the country.

Apart from the above PCI Full Form there are also other full form of this acronym too, lets have a look on them.
1) Peripheral component interconnect.
2) Project concern international.
3) Protocol control information.
4) Powder coating institute.
5) Price coup index.

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