What is the Full Form of GOOGLE?

In fairytales and fiction, we definitely heard about giants. There are famous for their massive size and powerful bodily structure but can you believe! Giant things are not only limited to fiction and fairytales. In today’s world what we are seeing right now is due to these giants. Wait! From when giants are giving services to humans? Oh! Common, I am not talking about the bodily giants; I am talking about the tech giants. There are lots of tech-giants out there in the market who shaping our digital world from their product and services. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Google, Microsoft are the 21st-century tech-giants. Now they are ruling the kingdom of technology. Today we are going to discuss the world’s largest and most popular search engine cum technological company Google. So, be ready to experience a trilled roller coaster ride on this article by knowing the GOOGLE Full Form.


If we look officially then there is no particular or fix full form of Google but wait! Here your brother is able to find GOOGLE Full Form and it’s known as Global organization of oriented group language of Earth. Besides this Google is came from a world called ‘Googol’ which means 1 followed by 100 zeroes. So, Google is an American company providing internet related services to the customers whole over the world. It was established in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is among the top 4 giant company consisting of 98,771 number of the vast employee. It is also the world second most valuable company. In 1198 it starts its journey as a small start-up consisting of 14% share and 56% of stockholder. During 2000s it shows a rapid growth which made this little infant start-up into a tech-giant. Now it’s the world core search engine and providing many services like email, cloud storage, social networking, video sharing, photo organization and many more. In addition to this Google is the reason behind the development of Android. Due to its vast size, it gains so much popularity and become the world most visited website. Current CEO of Google Sunder Pichai makes efforts to make India digital.

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