What is the ETC Full Form

ETC full form is Et cetera is a Latin word which means “and other things” and “and so on”. We generally write the word Et cetera as etc in short form. The word has been adopted from Latin to English and is used to show the continuity of list with similar items. If you try to understand it in more simpler words, etc is used when you have more similar items in list or series and you don’t want to mention every single one of them then you can use the word ETC full form Et cetera.

ETC Full Form

Example:You are going to market and someone asks you that please buy some fruits such as banana, mango etc. Basically the person wants to say that please buy some fruits like banana, mango and more.

Some other full forms of ETC:

  • ETC full form is Electronic Toll Collection: This technology is used to collect the tax from Vehicles without any delay. The toll is payed without cash and there is no need for car to stop.
  • Earth terrain camera: Hand-held cameras were utilized to get photos of geologic, maritime, and meteorologic targets.The Earth Terrain Camera (S190B) comprised of a solitary high-goals camera which utilized five-inch film and a 18-inch central length focal point.
  • Estimated Time of Completion: It is normally used to tell the expected time in which you can complete a task.
  • Export Trading company: A trading company that exports products is registered as Export trading company.
  • Educational Training Center: Schools, colleges, universities or academy can be an educational training center.

Advantages of using ETC:

  • ETC full form Et cetera is widely understood.
  • It is acceptable.
  • It saves your precious time in writing each and every object in a list.

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