What is the Full Form of DU?

Person personality is reflected by his work and work is reflecting by his education. Education is the basic and fundamental need of every human being. Without education, social development is not possible. Education is the light and it has the capacity to eliminate the darkness of illiteracy. Many brilliant and intelligent personalities are developed by the enlighten torch of education. Only education is the solution to all social crimes and makes society better. That’s why Nib of a pen is more powerful than the atomic bomb. This small Nib can start a revolution in society. So, we can’t exclude our education from the betterment of our country. In our last article we discuss the intermediate or secondary educational system but today we are going to discuss the higher education system which is given by the universities whole over in our country. So, be ready to learn DU Full Form and its various types (Acronomical Full Form).


DU Full Form is known as Delhi University and it is India’s top leading largest university. It was established in 1922 by the central legislative assembly act of British India. From 1922 to 1926 Hari Singh Gaur was appointed as the first vice chancellor of Delhi University. This University at that time made up of by 4 colleges and it has two streams. In the first batch of this university, there were only 750 students. In the year of 1937 chief justice of British India sir, Maurice Gwyer appointed as the vice chancellor of Delhi University. In this time university was modernized and developed, hence Gwyer was also called as ‘Maker of University’. In the year of 1947 Delhi university silver jubilee was coinciding with India’s independent; how interesting is that! But due to the stirring situation in a polity of independent India. Its silver jubilee ceremony was postponed to 1948. Now Delhi university has 16 streams, 86 department, 77 colleges and 1, 32,435 regular students per year. It offers courses like U.G, P.G/Masters, and P.H.D/Doctoral programme to a student.

Now, its time to look other DU Full Form.
1) Distance Uniform.
2) Dependable Undertaking.
3) Diesel United Ltd.
4) Digital Unit.
5) Dobson Unit.

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