What is the Full Form of Com?

If we are going to find out what are the best inventions of science then definitely internet is in the top 3. Internet is as huge as ocean. We can only able to see its 2% to 4% and other part of the internet is very very deep. It gives us power to connect the each and every part of the world and squeeze it like a cricket ball. Internet connectivity is necessary for today’s global village project. For its versatility it can be use in every sector. So, just like our cell came to tighter and make our body just like in the same manner websites are came to gather and make this chain network of internet. One other thing that we have our own name which represents our existence to other person just like this websites has also their specific name from which they are recognized. These names are called domains, so today we are going to discuss about one of the top most domains. Hence, be ready to learn about COM Full Form.

Description of Com:

.com or best known as COM Full Form is ‘commercial’. It is world’s top level domain system. Generally this domain system is used by different companies for commercial use. It is first make up of by department of defense (U.S) but today it use spread across whole over the world. First time it was came in to service in January, 1985 for defense purpose and now it have many sub domain as .edu, .net, .org etc. in the year 1993 national science foundation of us used it in for non-defense purpose. In the mid of 1990s this domain system was dedicated for the public use and used for the websites and email services. Now it is so popular that with this domain system there are 100 million plus websites are linked.


In the above part of this article we discuss the most famous COM Full Form, now it’s time to look at other full form.

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