What is AP and AP Full Form?

AP Full Form is Andhra Pradesh. India is the 7th largest country in this world. Its area is so vast that many European countries easily came in to it. So ruling such a vast area is not an easy task for the government. After the independence India’s constitution divided the country in many states. Each and every state has their own importance and contribution towards the country’s development. Our states are very different from each other on the basis of the languages and culture. When we are talking about this topic then we can’t exclude our southern states as they are very unique and beautiful. We have like 7 states in our southern part which is highly developed and much modernized. They contribute a huge part in country’s literacy. Today we are going to discuss about AP Full Form. So be ready for it.


So, I guess now you are clearer about AP Full Form. Let’s have a deep look on it. Andhra Pradesh is situated in the south-east part of our country. It is the seventh largest and tenth most populous state in our country. Vishakhapatnam is the largest city of Andhra Pradesh. The native language of this state is Telugu. In 2014 Andhra Pradesh was divided in to form a new state called Telangana on the basis of Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014. This state’s name was named after a Sanskrit word Aitareya Brahmana which is written rig Veda. This state is situated in the Deccan plateau and home to the many natural parks and ports. In the colonial period it falls under the madras presidency and after independence it was named as the madras state. It has a tropical humid climate.

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